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AX has announced two more guests, and, surprisingly, they're Vic Mignona and Laura Bailey. This will be very happy for fans of the FullMetal Alchemist and Fruits Basket dubs, but for a purist like me, it seems like a sign of the Apocalypse. Or at least of Mappou, or "the End of the Law," which is the time according to Buddhism when the entire world becomes corrupt. It seems a little unfair, too, since Crispin Freeman's been coming for years now and he never got to be a Guest of Honor. Not that I'm suddenly a Crispin Freeman fan, just that we have a strong sense of justice.

In happier news, TOKYOPOP has finally put information for Bus Gamer and Elemental Gelade up on their website, which means I can finally talk about both of them. We had so many things to say about Elemental Gelade and how it reminded us of Final Fantasy IX, but now we haven't been working on it for months, and we can't remember any of them. Just that Coud gives off a "Zidane's stupid little brother" vibe. Not that I don't like Coud, just that he's clearly not as bright as Zidane. And of course he doesn't have a monkey tail.

I was hoping they'd announce Bus Gamer a few weeks ago, because they only recently started serializing the new version in Japan, and Kazuya Minekura was really hoping people would at least take a look at it in the book store. We feel the same way about the Pilot Edition, which is what TokyoPop will be releasing, though we don't know when yet. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's a lot like Minekura-sensei saw the second episode of Weiss Kreuz and thought, "Let's try that again, only have it make sense this time." Except that she probably didn't, because she doesn't watch anime other than Mahjong Legend Akagi.

Some people at the TokyoPop message boards were talking about Minekura-sensei's work (in a thread asking TokyoPop to please license Saiyuki Gaiden), and it seems like a lot of her US fans don't care much for Bus Gamer. This makes me sad, because it's one of my favorites. Maybe it was just the people on the message boards. At any rate, check it out! It's less violent and sexy than Saiyuki, which may be why people don't like it as much, but the characters are all awesome. We'll definitely be letting people know when it's finally on sale.

There will probably be more on Elemental Gelade when we get back to work on it. I wanted to talk about name spellings, but right now I can't think straight because 8 Simple Rules is about to start and I'm trying to hurry.

So today I'm thankful for the new episode of Ouran High School Host Club, TokyoPop finally adding the information we want them to add on their website, mini-pizzas, Bus Gamer, and getting new work orders.
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