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All the Pokemon snapping has made us want to catch more legendary Pokemons, so we've gotten back into Dynamax Adventures. This afternoon, Athena thought it would be a good idea to invite the nephews, so she texted their mothers and said she was going to start a Dynamax Adventure soon, are any of the kids interested? We were informed that Grawp was, and by the way, they were at their cousins' house, so we thought Gilderoy might join in, but he was too busy playing--believe it or not--Minecraft.

So Grawp called, and he and Athena were about to set out on a Dynamax Adventure, but there were connection issues and they couldn't get put in a group together. It didn't make any sense, but we didn't have to figure it out, because Gilderoy had some questions about Minecraft, and Grawp was all too happy to help him out. He started showing signs of being torn between games, so Athena suggested he go play Minecraft with Gilderoy, and then Gilderoy was like, "Maybe Aunt Athena can play with us!" and Athena said, "You want me to?" and Gilderoy said, "Yeah, but when [Grawp] says," and Athena said, "...I'm gonna go on my Dynamax Adventure," and they said, "Okay, bye."

Athena paid the price for ditching the kids. The adventure did not go well, and it ended with defeat at the hands of Zygarde. What makes it extra less exciting is that even if the party had defeated Zygarde, it wouldn't have mattered, because Athena's already caught one and they don't let you catch them again. On top of that, Athena fought Zygarde like a billion times because when we visited family up north, our brother-in-law was trying to game the system to get a shiny one, and Athena agreed to help. So that was disappointing...but if I'm honest, I think I'd still rather do that than Minecraft.

When the adventure ended, Athena went to join the boys in Minecraft, but they were each playing in separate worlds, and since the phone call had ended, we didn't know what all was going on, and so chose not to show up unannounced in one of their worlds (she was told not to join "until [Grawp] said," after all)...and we went to play Pokemon Snap instead. We finally answered the request about the haunted loft, too, so that was cool.

A couple hours later, Grawp called again. He was playing--you guessed it--Minecraft, and he wanted Athena to join him in his new Coastal Village world. She was in the middle of another Dynamax Adventure (which also ended badly, but again, it was okay, because she already caught a Buzzwole), but she finished it and hopped on over to Minecraft. This time, Gilderoy had already gotten his Minecraft fill for the day, and he wanted to watch Bluey with Grawp. Grawp, of course, wanted to play Minecraft. This prompted Gilderoy to complain about how he only ever plays with the Twins, never with Gilderoy (see above paragraphs for our rebuttal).

Athena was going to suggest, since Bluey is short and she was in the middle of a Dynamax Adventure, that they watch one episode and then get back to Minecraft, and we could all play it together (or just the two of them--you know, whatever makes them happy). She said, "I have an idea!" and Gilderoy said, "Let me guess! We say, 'Minecraft is boring'!" ...We were contractually obligated to say no, that was not the idea.

...I'm sorry. I don't mean to complain so much about Minecraft. The fact is, we do think it can be boring, but it can also be interesting, and either way, we like to spend time with our nephews, so we like to play it anyway. And it worked out pretty well this time, because we were also chatting with a friend online, and it's much easier to multitask with something like Minecraft than something like Pokemon Snap.

At any rate, the issue was resolved by Grawp continuing to do what he was doing and Gilderoy continuing to whine about it until Hermie came along and took over the phone. She said some very cute things that I didn't process because I was chatting online...and in fact, it may not have been only Fiona, it might have been Rosetta, too. They tried to abscond with Grawp's phone, or something...? He put a stop to that, but then they started licking it. And then they started trying to lick him? And I was distracted, but Athena was like, "...Children are monsters."

Eventually Chase the Baby Cousin (he's three now) came along and I think he slapped Hermie in the face? And she started crying, and then a mom came in and stuff happened, and the phone call ended. It was kind of a whirlwind. We think they decided to play Mario Party. We were still chatting, so we decided to go on more Dynamax Adventures, but to no avail. We almost caught a non-Galarian Articuno, but the computer player decided to have their Boldore use Iron Defense instead of actually take the Articuno out, so Articuno won.

And now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time with the kids, being productive in the little time we had to snap Pokemons, having a nice time chatting with Cecille online, getting to sleep in this morning, and the beautiful weather we had today.
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