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More on Sailor Moon Eternal

Okay, we had a full workday (for us) followed by lots of TV and video games that were not Sailor Moon Eternal, but I said I would post our thoughts on the movies today!

Favorite part: watching the scene with Michiru's fan in French. But don't worry--we're fully aware that just because our bias makes it our favorite part doesn't mean it's the actual best part of the movie.

Okay, so first of all, I think it was a really good idea to condense the story into two movies instead of trying to do a whole anime season. I mean, of course I've seen plenty of anime where they did a great job of expanding the story and fleshing out the characters more, but let's be honest--Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't have a great track record with that. (I don't remember the specifics, but I remember the Makoto episode of the first season having some really odd filler speeches.) The downside, of course, is that by whittling down the story a little bit, we do miss out on some of the character building that helps with the emotional payoff in the more dramatic scenes, but I think they did pretty okay with what they had.

Palla-Palla's Japanese voice was super cute. I feel like the Amazoness Quartet wasn't in it very much, but if we learned anything from translating the manga, it's that nobody except Usagi and Chibi Usa are in it very much. In that sense, maybe it is a shame that they had a slightly abbreviated version of all the dream chapters, since they actually focused on the other characters. Maybe they could have made the first movie a little longer. ...To be honest, I don't remember very much of the first movie, because, as I said yesterday, we were too distracted by the subtitles.

The second movie...okay, the main thing I remember about the second movie is them being trapped in the kaleidoscope with all the sparkles everywhere, and thinking it was an interesting artistic choice because it was supposed to be a scene full of danger and scariness, but it was just so bright and sparkly.

And of course I remember the big climax. This is the part where we really wished they had done things a little bit differently. I don't think the movies hammered on the whole thing about the Silver Crystal belonging to the true queen of the Silver Millennium as much as the manga did, which is a shame, because when Nehallenia just takes it from Sailor Moon, that's a BIG deal. And in the movie it just kind of happened. ...Well, it kind of did in the manga, too, but this would have been a good opportunity to tweak it a little. I guess it makes sense that none of the Guardians really reacted to that side of things, though, because taking the Crystal also severely damaged Usagi, and she is and always will be their main concern.

That's when things got a little silly, we felt. Nehallenia just took the Crystal, and Usagi's just lost all her powers, but then Mamoru swoops in and just...kisses her. And then she gets her powers back, and all the little Guardians (Guardian Venus et al is why we kind of wish they hadn't switched from Soldiers to Guardians) came and introduced themselves And they called on their castles and powered up Sailor Moon and everything, and it was beautiful and sparkly and all that, but, like, Nehallenia hadn't been immobilized or anything, so they were kind of all super vulnerable. Maybe we'll just assume that she tried to attack them offscreen, but since they were all generating power and stuff there was a kind of force field that deflected it. Yeah. That's totally what happened.

It was a bit of a problem anyway, though, because the pacing slowed waaaaaay down at that part. And I can see where it wouldn't be a problem for a lot of fans, because that's the big highlight anyway, so go ahead and focus on it forever. I think that kind of thing works better in the musicals, because while each of the Guardians takes a turn with her long speech, the rest of them are dancing with fighting the ensemble enemies.

I was still a little sad about Helios's voice actor, because we felt like Yoshitsugu Matsuoka was just a little too melodramatic. But it was only just a little, so there's that at least.

...And I think that's pretty much all we have to say.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go on a Dynamax Adventure, getting to catch the super cute Tapu Lele, making okay progress at work, getting to watch more Seven Deadly Sins, and finally getting Skorupi to do the "pose with its tail" that Todd requested.
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