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This morning we read an article about how Sailor Moon has been given such a raw deal these last almost thirty years (yeah, I said it). The gist of it was that every time Sailor Moon seems to get a break, the people in charge of localization do something to ruin it. I think the main point was to explain exactly how bad it is that they let a certain person direct the English dub of the new movies, and while I do think that's something that could stand to be scrutinized a little further, I gotta say, as people who have worked on an iteration of Sailor Moon, who did their very best to give it the best treatment we could, we were a little (okay, significantly more than a little) sad that the Eternal Edition of the manga was barely mentioned. All the article said was basically, "We got the Eternal Edition, but I shouldn't have needed to need another edition."

On the bright side, at least the writer didn't say, "But that was hardly an improvement," so there's that. I also feel the need to point out that we're pretty sure the people who worked on the previous edition of the manga did not set out to make a terrible product. From reading that edition, our analysis is that first, Sailor Moon is surprisingly difficult to translate, and second, it did seem like some of the mistakes came about from the stress of trying too hard to be accurate. Kind of a, "The dictionary says this, so the fans will think we did it wrong if we say any different!" Also, the aforementioned difficulty level of Sailor Moon makes it rather time-consuming, so there's a big chance deadlines had something to do with it.

But the point is, I just want to go on the record as saying that there are a lot of people involved in Sailor Moon localization who really do love the series, and are trying their best to do it justice. Heck, even the DiC dub is a lot better than people give it credit for. Most of the things fans complain about with that one happened because of network censorship, and because anime was still pretty much unknown in the US at the time it came over, so they would have wanted to make it feel more familiar (hence things like Serena asking Molly about her crush on Neflite being like her crush on Joey Lawrence). At least it character.

Anyway. This is why we got into translating. Looking back, there are things that I worry about, like, did our lack of experience make things like awkward translations of "I won't forgive you!" common place. But we're still trying our best to get better, and I hope we're helping to make great anime available in ways that are just as great as the original.

Today I'm thankful for getting to be a part of Sailor Moon's history, being done with that chapter of UQ Holder, having a little bit of time for snapping, DiC bringing Sailor Moon into my life, and having Snickers ice cream bars.
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