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The children have returned

The children were out of town for about a week, and today was their first day back, so you know what that means! Minecraft! Grawp called first, and it was pretty much the normal stuff, except that he raised the difficulty level by one and then found a desert village. It sounds kind of exciting...but it's not, really... This may be caused by some lack in our knowledge of how to properly enjoy Minecraft.

Anyway. His turned ended, and a few minutes later Hermie called. Athena figured Hermie would be patient enough to let her finish the rounds in Animal Crossing before heading back over to Minecraft. In the meantime, Hermie went underground and made a special bedroom, just for Athena. It was all pink! Like, seriously, there was pink carpeting on the floor and all the walls. And of course the bed had a pink bedspread. (Athena asked for something pink once--she doesn't remember if it was a bed or flowers--and now the children have registered in their minds that Athena likes pink.) It was super cute.

It did not last long, however. Grawp came along and discovered that Hermie was playing in his current favorite world, and to make matters worse, his Netherite pickaxe had somehow disappeared while she was playing, so he was getting ready to yell up a storm when the parents intervened and made Hermie switch games immediately. So we played Splatoon until the children were called to dinner, at which point we figured it was our big chance to play Pokemon Snap. (We had plans to finish watching a TV show tonight, rather than play video games.)

That, too, did not last long. Those children eat like the wind, I tell you. Hermie called back a few minutes later. We were in the middle of a course in Pokemon Snap, and we managed to activate a super cute scene in the snowfields. Our reaction to it managed to successfully pique Hermie's interest in Pokemon Snap, so she was ready to play that instead! ...after a round in Splatoon. There was so much back and forth. And that actually wouldn't be a problem if Splatoon didn't make you go through a super long sequence every time you start the software, sheesh.

We did have to excuse ourselves from video games when our own dinner was ready to eat, but we stayed on the phone with Hermie, who at one point informed us that sometimes she eats dinner and plays video games. I was all, "At the SAME TIME!?" and she was like, "No, I'll take a bite, then I'll do some stuff." And we were all, "...That's a little too advanced for me." We're actually not big fans of multitasking.

Eventually Hermie was kicked off the Switch when Grawp wanted it back. Leave it to the children to monitor each other's Switch time! (Actually, don't, because then we'll never get to play our own games!) He got kicked off soon after that, but we weren't convinced he was gone for good, so we scrapped our TV plans and played more Pokemon Snap instead. We're having such a hard time unlocking the secret routes, and it's driving us up the wall. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with the children, Hermie making Athena a pink bedroom, activating that one scene in the snowfields, finishing work a little early, and water.
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