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I didn't post last night, because when it got to posting time, I was like, "Do I have anything to write about...? ......... ...Nah." But then today, I remembered that I sort of did, I guess.

We've been trying to unlock all the alternate routes in Pokemon Snap, so we spent a lot a lot a lot of time in Elsewhere Forest yesterday. While we're at it, we keep an eye on all the photo requests, mostly because we figure that's where the clues to unlocking routes are hidden.

So while we were in Elsewhere Forest, Athena spotted a Drampa in a place we hadn't seen it before, and she remembered there was a request about making it angry, so she kept bopping it with fluffruit in an attempt to annoy it enough that it would start yelling at her. No luck--that thing is unflappable. Well, not totally. When you bop it, it gets a kind of sad look on its face, which is making me a little sad now that I think about it.

Nevertheless, a request is a request, so we started brainstorming about how to make it angry. (The request is from Phil, which means it probably does involve annoying the Pokemons, the little twerp.) And that's when I remembered the Pancham and Bulbasaur that were playing with the Drampa (the kind, grandfatherly dragon Pokemon), and I said in a nice creepy whisper, "Bop the children..."

So that's what we did. And boy oh boy was that Drampa maaaaaaaad. And then the children hid behind it while it kept Watching Athena. Like, it doesn't have fingers or even hands, but you could see it doing the thing where it points to its eyes and points to you to let you know you're On Notice. It was really pretty sweet and funny and adorable, which makes me want to do it again, but also, like, no! that's not nice!

This game.

There's also news from today! Yen Press announced Namaiki Zakari., so now we can tell everybody that we're the translators on it. Tadah! We like it a lot, and not only because the main guy reminds us of Chat Noir when he's at his brattiest. We're also amused that the characters seem to be named after the author's favorite Fruits Basket ship. The heroine is Yuki Machida (so she's name after Yuki and Machi! awwww), and the leading male is Sho Naruse--Naruse because he's a narucissist, and maybe Sho because that's how Kakeru from Fruits Basket wishes everyone would pronounce his name?

Today I'm thankful for protective grandpas, getting to translate another fun shoujo manga, finally getting all the seasons, getting to try Krispy Kreme's new grocery store variety donuts, and having a straw umbrella hat recipe in Animal Crossing.
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