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Do I have anything to write about today...? I'm not sure. The children are out of town, so we thought it might be time to do wacky things like catch up on TV shows...but the allure of Pokemon Snap was still a little strong. We spent way too much time trying to get to the end of the "fluffruit at the Pokemon in a tornado" storyline. But we got it eventually! We're still missing one of the Eeveelutions, too, and that's bumming us out. I'm sure we'll find it eventually...

And we finished volume fourteen of Hanako-kun. It does not end in a happy place, so be warned. Fortunately for us, fifteen is already on our schedule and we think they want it soon, so we won't have to wait too long. But tomorrow we're finally back to Fire Force!

We also learned that electrolytes can be found in acids, bases, and salts! That's, like, the entire pH scale. Talk about not narrowing it down. Anyway, we think we probably could use some more salt in our diets.

Today I'm thankful for managing to answer that request, finishing work just a little bit early, salt, eyebrows, and wagakki music.
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