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Snapping Pokemons

We spent almost all of our Pokemon Snap time today at the Reef. Namely, at the Reef at Twilight. (They call it Evening, but my brain defaults to Twilight for whatever reason. Maybe the My Little Pony influence? I don't know.)

Why? Because we're obsessed with Vaporeon. It all goes back to the days of Pokemon Stadium for N64, when they let you take your Pokemons to the photo studio and have glamor shoots. Athena got a really nice picture of her Vaporeon with her tail up in front of her face like a fan, and it was the best. So when we found Vaporeon at the Reef, it was like a dream come true.

But there was a bit of a hitch. There's this whirlpool, and one of the requests involves a Squirtle falling into it? I mean, we assumed, because Rita said she saw a Squirtle caught in the whirlpool. So we figured this was another instance of the game requiring you to cruelly bop Pokemons in the head...and we did, because to be honest, it did sound pretty funny. And we knew there was a Blastoise down there, so we were sure it would be okay.

So we bopped it! And then a Wingull came along and also bopped it, knocking it off the rock! OOOOOHHH NOOOOOOOOOES! And it went around and around and around and around! And we had to do it again, because we submitted the picture of it at the bottom of the reef on top of the Blastoise, not when it was swirling around and around get the picture. But it was cool, because the second time, we got the Blastoise to rocket out of the whirlpool with Squirtle on its back, so that was pretty awesome.

Then when you submit the picture for the request, Rita, who had said, "I saw a Squirtle caught in the whirlpool; I hope it's okay," responds to the picture with something like, "Oh, it was just playing around! It's fine, then!" And we were like, "That is NOT what happened." We're not sure if the Wingull was inspired by the fluffruit we threw, but either way, there was a malicious Wingull tossing Squirtles into whirlpools.

Anyway. That had us so distracted we missed Vaporeon hopping out of the water! So we had to do it again, because hello, it's Vaporeon. And then we finally managed to get the other Vaporeon to show up again, but we missed the best photo op for that, too, so we had to do it again and it was just a lot of stuff. We never did get Raichu doing his surfing trick. But boy did we get a bunch of pics of Wailord's waterspout!

Today I'm thankful for getting some great Pokemon snaps, remembering to stay caught up on Fruits Basket, getting to do the stamp rally in Animal Crossing, making good progress on Hanako-kun today, and Vaporeon.
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