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I'm not really sure if it's okay to talk about what we're working on when we're working on it anymore. When we were interns at TokyoPop, we saw how frustrated people were when they had this cool title they wanted to announce but someone was searching around on Amazon or whatever and leaked the information, so they didn't get to make the fun announcement. I also know that sometimes a license isn't finalized, so if the information gets leaked and then negotiations go south, that can be super embarrassing. Those are reasons I understand for not talking about work, and why I figured, as long as it's been announced, there shouldn't be any problem.

On the other hand, with simulpubs and spoiler sites and everything, I get paranoid about talking about simulpubs, because I'm like, "What if the pirates find out we worked on that simulpub and hack us to get the translation?" ...Thinking about it more rationally, it seems like there are probably much easier ways to beat the official publishers to releasing a translation, but I don't know. This is what fear does to you.

So as I reason it out, I figure it's probably okay and not going to hurt anything. And that's all just an exceedingly long way of saying we worked on Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun today. Not a simulpub, but still. It was fun.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Hanako-kun, finishing our first draft in time to get a good amount of Pokemon Snap in before the devotional we went to, getting cookies and cupcakes at said devotional, finding an adorable sleeping Vulpix, and the beautiful weather we had this evening.
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