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So Facebook keeps giving us ads for animated TV shows that want investors, and you know us, we love animated TV shows... Okay, maybe not so much anymore. In fact, apparently we do not love animated TV shows, because I can't really think of that many off the top of my head that we've watched and liked recently. Oh wait, Miraculous! But that one started all the way back in 2015. Trollhunters was alright, and its spinoffs were okay. And we still like anime here and there. (Mostly we just stopped watching anime because we couldn't get Crunchyroll to work and then the Switch ate our lives. But now that we've got Crunchyroll on the PS4 instead of our TV, we think it would be okay if we could wrench ourselves away from the Switch. But why would we when we have Pokemon Snap to play? (We found Umbreon, but we were already out of snaps!!))

Anyway. The point is, we checked out the pilots of these animated shows that wanted investors, and we were like, "I want to invest in an animated show...but I want to like it first." These shows just weren't really our thing. But the one we watched today got us interested enough to check out the book it was based on, and there happened to be an excerpt available on Amazon. I would say that I did like the book better, but it did have one minor little thing that had us wanting to go on a rant...

Okay, two things. First, hammers are seriously dangerous, and you can't drop one off a roof, have it land on someone's head, and have it be a cute little bonk on the head. Those things can kill people! I think it was supposed to be a gag, but we were a liiiittle horrified. ...But the victim was okay, so I guess it's all good, as long as everyone realizes the difference between fantasy and reality.

The second thing is that one of the characters used to be a pirate back in the day, and he entertains all the kiddos with tales of his adventures. And I don't know if it's the industry we work in or what, but we're like, "Pirates aren't heroes! They're dirty!" People can go sailing without being pirates, you know! Or else who would the pirates be looting from, huh? Huh!? Y'all need to read some Jules Verne! (Specifically In Search of the Castaways, because it's great, and also has pirates.)

But maybe we're jumping the gun on our pirate rant. It's possible the ex-pirate is an ex-pirate because he realized that he was hurting people by stealing all the shipments and whatnot. We'll have to read the whole book to find out. That might happen. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read some lovely shoujo manga, getting to hear some great talks in church today, the kids being fairly receptive during Singing Time, having a tiny child walk up to me at the piano during Singing Time and say "Hola!", and getting to watch Relative Race.
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