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Pokemon Snap

Today was wonderful in that we got to play lots and lots of Pokemon Snap. We also did laundry and bought groceries, but nothing really interesting happened there.

So lets give a few thoughts on Pokemon Snap.
I mean, the game is fairly repetitive in a lot of ways, and the story is very very simple, so it's not like there's a whole lot to say. Mostly I just wanted to mention Todd and how it's so nice that one of the Pokemon characters got to actually grow up. 25 years, and Ash is still age 10, wandering around the world going to different places and stuff, but Todd is an adult now. And he looks pretty good!

I think Professor Kagami sounds more like a real name than Professor Mirror, which makes me wonder if there was a better way they could have translated it. In Japanese, the meaning of the name would have been pretty obvious, though, so using Latin or Greek might have made it too obscure (and the words for mirror in those languages aren't very pretty, either (well, the Greek one if kind of fun)). He kind of has a neckbeard, and there's something on his pants that makes it look like he has a sweatshirt tied around his waist, but something about his character design makes it all work anyway.

Rita's pretty cute. I like how all her requests are about being friends with the Pokemons. That being the case, I almost think she would have been the Chosen One in this game, rather than the player, because to be the Chosen One in any Pokemon game, you have to reeeeeeeally love Pokemon, but to get all the best scores, you are required to pelt the Pokemons with fruit. That doesn't seem very loving to us (although I admit, it can be pretty funny sometimes--I'm sorry, Sandshrew!). Speaking of the fruit! I do appreciate that they made sure to invent a special kind of fruit that's light and soft, so as to tell any player who cares about animals that the fruit won't actually hurt the Pokemons. Still, it can be hard to bring ourselves to hit the Pokemons repeatedly with them...

Anyway. It's fun, and we like it. And Athena made it pretty high in the rankings on a couple of courses! Like, the top eight thousand!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play lots and lots of Pokemon Snap today, having our laundry done, finding a wild llama in Minecraft, having chocolate chips for our crepes, and getting to see a new feline friend above our apartment.
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