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More Minecraft misadventures

I'm sure no one will be surprised that we're up late tonight because of Pokemon Snap. We made it to the end of the story (assuming there's no epilogue), and of course that unlocked a bunch of new stuff, so we had to check it out! It was really hard to put it down, too.

We also got to play a lot of Minecraft! Hagger's gotten into it now, and while he's not interested in doing multiplayer online (as far as we know), his interest in the game has spurred on the whole brood's interest, so first we got a call from Hermie. Hermie is the most adorable thing, but her brand of adorable can make Minecraft a little difficult. At least there was no mass destruction this time. And in her defense, most of the trouble came when Athena accidentally killed her.

See, our home base was attacked by monsters when Hermie was there, and I guess Hermie didn't have any weapons or anything, because her reaction on finding them was to shout, "Kill them, kill them!" and run away...which in this case meant running towards Athena as Athena ran to the zombies to fight them. But since the controls are not really the same as the games Athena usually plays, she was having a bit of trouble with the mechanics, and so she missed her target. Hermie's character was slain, and respawned we know not where. She asked Athena to go find her and said she was in a forest, so Athena wandered around until she found the which point Hermie said something like, "Come find me in the desert!" The desert is on the opposite side of our home base from the forest, and she claims she wasn't wandering around, so we don't know what was going on. Maybe five-year-old Hermie just got the words for desert and forest mixed up.

Athena kept asking her if she saw numbers on her screen so she could get the coordinates and find the child more easily, but Hermie insisted there were no numbers. At one point she asked, "Do you mean letters?" and we were like, "Sure. Do you see a word that starts with the letter P?" (When the coordinates are displayed in Minecraft, they're in the top left of the screen after the word "Position." This reminds me that at one point Athena asked if she saw anything in the top left of her screen. Hermie said no, and to be sure, Athena asked if she knew which way left is. Hermie said, "I think it's this way...?" We'll never know if she was right or not.) Anyway, by the time we asked about the letter P, Hermie was already distracted, so we didn't get the answer to that either.

At some point she died again. Then she went up high so she could see, and she saw a village which she assured us was not the same village where they usually spend their time. Then she went in "the hotel" (there was some kind of temple in the desert), where she dug a hole in the center of the room and fell into a pit. Now she was stuck, and there was lava, so it was vital that Athena hurry to rescue her. It was...quite an adventure.

Eventually everyone made it out safe and sound, so Athena was able to return to the work at hand--raising the ceiling of the stairway down to the mine, because it was super low and rather infuriating. But just as abruptly as the game started, it ended.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting the translation that we were working on done, getting to unlock some really neat stuff in Pokemon Snap, getting some really cool new Pokemon snaps, literacy, and finally getting Lucky's photo in Animal Crossing yesterday.
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