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More birthday surprises

I finally got my Miraculous subscription box today! Woohoo! And once again, it was filled with cute stuff, the most important of which being a Cat Noir t-shirt. I also really like the string of Kwami lights.

But the more mysterious thing that happened today was that, after the Miraculous box had been delivered, we heard our gate open and close again, as if there were another package. I went to the door to see what it was, and there was a box with a return address from See's Candy. That was strange; I thought it must have been a delivery person mixing up our apartment again, but I checked the addressee address, and there were our names! What! Someone sent us chocolate for our birthday!

...Actually, we thought maybe it was Mom, because when we called her on Mother's Day, she mentioned getting a bunch of See's lollipops for the grandkids and the grandkids not liking them, and we said something about how they're for a more grownup palate, so since we didn't talk negatively about them, it wouldn't be entirely unlike her to order us some. So I opened the shipping box, and inside there was a littler chocolate box filled with peanut and almond clusters! Well, whoever it was made a good decision.

Eventually I thought to look at the shipping label, which told me that it was sent by our sister Aurora! That's so sweet of her!! (See what I did there? Aaahh?) Seriously, though, we're very pleased. Chocolate is one of the best gifts.

Today I'm thankful for a surprise birthday gift from our big sister, getting to get lots of neat snaps of Pokemons, making really good progress on work, getting my Miraculous box, and also getting to open our Ladybug doll! (She's riding on Tempest Shadow right now. It's super cute.)
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