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Happy Mother's Day!

Oh man, you guys. The main thought I had to write about today was our thoughts about Mother's Day, and I started to type "Happy Mother's Day!" in the subject line, and autocomplete reminded me that I've used that title before. So, out of curiosity, I found our mother's day tag and clicked on it to see what I'd written, and apparently I've written a similar rant about Mother's Day every year since 2016. (Excluding 2020, because everything was canceled that year.)

And frankly, I feel like I worded it really well in briefly in 2019, and more at length in 2017, so I'll spare you all this time, but feel free to follow the Mother's Day tag at the end of this post to read up on those. (The 2017 entry has a thoughtful rebuttal in the comments, if you feel our rant is out of line.)

I'm just a little extra amused, because what set us off about it today was a talk in church where the speaker, to start off with some good-natured humor, talked about how when the second counselor in the bishopric asked him to give a talk for the special day that was coming up, and he said he was super excited because we don't usually celebrate Star Wars Day at church and he started going off about saying "may the force be with you," and then pretended to get a text from his wife that told him that he was supposed to be speaking on Mother's Day. And then he talked about how Mother's Day can be difficult for women who haven't been blessed with children.

So when we started going off on our rant to each other, we were like, "Maybe we should start putting memes out there about how Star Wars Day is a difficult holiday for some people!" And then we went back and read all our rants about Mother's Day (or the same rant, worded differently), and in 2018 I have this: "...But on the other hand, I also understand how hard it can be to be constantly bombarded with it. It's kind of how we felt about Star Wars Day."

As for us, we had a lovely day. We got to chat with some friends at church, and watch Relative Race, and read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We called our own mother, of course. And it was just a calm, relaxing day.

Today I'm thankful for our mother, getting to have a delightful sabbath, the freedom to celebrate or ignore Star Wars Day as we choose (or be purists and celebrate it on the 25th), getting to talk with friends at church, and getting to snack on Reese's Big Cups with pretzels.
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