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Friends are the best

We usually only check our mail about once a week, and today was the day! And that's when we found a mysterious package in a lovely pink envelope with a chevron pattern done in what appeared to be water color (though of course, it was printed). We knew it must have come from lyschan! And a peek at the return address told us that it was indeed!

When we got back to our apartment, we opened it up and found several souvenirs from a Robico art exhibit that lys managed to get to before the pandemic hit and Japan shut everybody out. There was a totebag and a clear file and buttons, and they were all adorable! I'm really excited to take the totebag to Downtown Disney with us when we decided we have time to go to Downtown Disney. There's a place there that sells "crazy shakes," and despite our love of milkshakes and the fact that that place had been open since long before the pandemic started, we never managed to get over there to check it out. We were sort of planning to do that sometime after we finish the next translation on our list, but it's a wordy one, so we might be busy with it all next week.

Anyway. It was very nice, and the card made me tear up a little (in a good way), and we just have the best friends.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely gifts lys sent us, reminders to keep reading shoujo manga (Athena's even in the middle of Our Precious Conversations, which was featured in much of the merchandise), the wonderful friends we have in our lives, finally finding Shaymin in Pokemon Snap, and having a ride to church tomorrow even though our usual ride will be attending another ward this week.
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