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We found out yesterday that our anime buddy and her brother did indeed think Kingdom Hearts a worthwhile investment. Her brother even thanked us for recommending it. I wasn't quite sure how to react though, because I still feel like all we ever do is make them spend more money. What was really interesting to me is the reason they hadn't played it yet.

See, they're older brother is the main gamer of the family, and he didn't want to play it. Why? According to them, he said, "It's dumb, because one of the characters is voiced by Justin Timberlake."

Now first of all, everyone knows that Justin Timberlake isn't in Kingdom Hearts, Lance Bass is. And second of all, that's the dumbest reason for not playing Kingdom Hearts I've ever heard. That's like if we refused to play it because Christy Carlson Romano is in it. And she really does a good job as Yuffie, so we can't complain. Or because Crispin Freeman is Setzer. That's a bit more accurate an analogy, since Setzer doesn't talk much more than Sephiroth did. At any rate, now that they have the game, apparently he's hogging it from both our anime buddy and her good brother who knew all along that it was worth playing.

After FHE last night, we were whisked away to a birthday party, where we realized once again that normal parties really aren't our thing. But once there were fewer people and they turned down the music so we could play King Elephant, it was really fun. So apparently we're more of "get together" type people. It's good to realize these things every so often, so we know there's a good reason we don't go to parties and dances, instead of us just being antisocial losers. It's only annoying because we missed Everwood, which we were looking forward to because Hannah was going to stand up to Amy, because Amy was being dumb again. And we got home so late that we missed most of the Daily Show, and we didn't get a chance to play Kingdom Hearts, which we had been looking forward to all day. Ah well.

We did have fun at the party, even though we were promised pizza and there wasn't any. But our anime buddy's brother said we'd just have to get together for pizza on Friday, and that will have fewer people, so it will be more of a get together. And there might be DDR, too!

Today I'm thankful for the days when the LiveJournal text window didn't randomly change width, having new jeans, King Elephant, industry registration for AX, and free food.
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