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Back to the mines

It was a nice couple of days, getting to play Pokemon Snap with the nephews. But only one of them really liked it, and he's already bored with it, so it's back to the usual routine of Splatoon and Minecraft. And frankly, that would be great, except that it eats into our Pokemon Snap time.

But we did get another fascinating look into the selective nature of the human memory. At one point while we were playing Minecraft, we heard Grawp's mother say something to him. We were in the middle of something, so we didn't pay it much attention, but a few minutes later, for confirmation (and in the hopes of getting to switch back to Pokemon Snap soon), Athena asked, "Now, did I hear your mom tell you you had to wrap up your turn?" The response was an emphatic no. Now curious myself, I asked, "So what did your mom say to you?" There was a long pause, followed by an, "I don't know." Well, not much anybody can do about that.

A few minutes later still, we heard Grawp's mother speak again. After pausing in a way to suggest he was listening to her, he turned back to his phone and said, "...So my mom did say I had to finish up." He had to give Athena an item first, so while we waited for that, I went to use the restroom. When I came back, Minecraft was still on, so I asked, "What's going on?" and immediately Grawp said, "Oh yeah, I need to save and quit!"

He earned more Switch time and called back later, so we were back to Minecraft. Athena fell in a lava pit and died, losing her entire inventory. Thinking about it, kind of the whole point of Minecraft is to go find materials, and I guess to make stuff with them, so really not much was lost, because it just means finding more of it, which is what was going to happen anyway, because that's the nature of the game. But she did have several blocks of gold ore, and that's kind of a shame to lose. She was ready to rage quit, and fortunately we had dinner plans with friends right exactly then, so she was able to do just that.

And those are our Minecraft misadventures for today. On the other hand, we got lots of new Pokemon snaps in Pokemon Snap!

Today I'm thankful for having a nice belated birthday dinner with our friends, getting to snap lots of Pokemons, finding a pretty cool mine in Minecraft, meeting our work quota before the kids got home from school, and passion fruit Kit-Kats.
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