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Just a little sad

Today was happy and sad. It was great as far as working on fun manga and making progress in Pokemon Snap! We unlocked the...oh wait, maybe that's a spoiler. Anyway, we got lots of snaps. It was great.

What was less great is that we watched Fruits Basket, and it wasn't a bad episode. It was a good episode. But the thing is, ever since they announced a Fruits Basket reboot, and said they were going to do the whole story, the one thing I was really, really excited about was to hear Momiji after his growth spurt. I was sure they'd get a male voice actor to do it, and there are so many favorite male voice actors of mine that I think could have done a great job. But they didn't get a new voice for him; they just used the same woman who played him pre-growth spurt. We actually first saw it yesterday and almost turned the episode off as soon as he started talking just out of sheer disappointment. ...Then we turned it off anyway because our nephew called.

So we got back to it today, and we watched the whole episode, and not only did it feature post-growth spurt Momiji, but, like, the whole episode was about him, so we didn't really have time to come to terms with the casting choice. ...I mean, if we'd tried to after we first heard it yesterday maybe we could have, but I'm actually unreasonably angry about it, so I'm not sure I will come to terms with it. But I admit it's my own personal bias.

We also watched Pair of Kings tonight--the first two episodes of season three, where King Brady leaves. We think the way they wrote him off the show was probably the best way they could have, and King Boz is a lot of fun, but it's just so sad that Brady had to go. The show isn't the same without him. ...And then we looked up the actor who plays King Boz, and his bio on IMDb makes us despair for humanity. What is wrong with people?

So today was happy, but with a pall of sadness. Tomorrow we will take snaps of more pokemons, and that will hopefully make it better.

Today I'm thankful for getting a fair amount of work done, having plenty of time to play Pokemon Snap as well as Splatoon and Minecraft (clearly Grawp's obsession is not as deep-seated as ours), knowing that there's a CD drama out there with Momiji being played by a male voice actor, getting an animated version of the whole Fruits Basket series, and having new places to visit in Pokemon Snap.
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