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I got better

Today was the day we were finally going to get back to work. I was so stressed out about it, I got sick! ...Just kidding; I wasn't that stressed out about it. But I did get sick. It was so bad that we had to start the day with video games instead. ...And that sounds like I'm making stuff up because I just wanted to play video games, but it's true; I could barely hold myself up. Our tendency is to think that sort of wooziness is caused by bad air pressure, but we're no doctors, so who knows? At any rate, I did start feeling better and we did get some work done, so that's the good news.

Other than that, it was Pokemon Snap as usual. Athena caught an Arbok yawning, and it also looked like it could be singing, so we edited the picture with music note stickers and gave it a bowtie, and we uploaded it to the interwebs! And we got a hundred Sweet! medals, just like that! Thanks, guys!

Today I'm thankful for getting over whatever was making me sick, getting a decent amount of work done considering, making new discoveries in Pokemon Snap, finally managing to unlock a new area, and getting lots of Sweet! medals.
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