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The last of this year's birthday adventures

New Pokemon Snap has taken over our lives! At least, it did today. We wanted to take a day that was all for Pokemon Snap, and that day was today. There were a couple of Splatoon interruptions, and of course we had to check in on our island in Animal Crossing, but other than that, it was all Pokemon all day, and it was nice but also trying sometimes. There's just so much to do in that game that it's hard to decide what to do next! And the LenTalk requests don't seem to be working properly, so that's causing problems for our normally completist play style. I'm sure they'll fix it in an update.

I did have a little more to say about our birthday, and hopefully it won't take too long, because we are (unsurprisingly) up too late.

After lunch, we decided we needed to walk off all that food, so we crossed the street and went to the beach! ...I don't have much to say about the beach; it was a beach. They had a pop-up shop, though, and we bought a little shark plushie! And chatted with the people running it, and recommended Noragami! There were also a bunch of surfers and beach volleyball players. Gaston talked to one of the older surfers coming back from the waves and asked how it was. The surfer said it wasn't that great but referenced the "when life gives you lemons" thing and added, "And I had some good lemonade out there."

We had a bit of a real life Pokemon Snap experience with some of the sea birds! ...But the pictures didn't come out very well. I guess that's kind of a real life Pokemon Snap experience, too.

On the drive back to our home city, we all decided we were thirsty, so we went to a local outdoor mall to get some (non-alcoholic) drinks. They were having a miniature Japanese culture celebration, which was neat. We bought some passion fruit flavored Kit-Kat.

We found a shop called AllMyTea, and it took me forever to realize the pun in the name. Gaston and Alice have joined the ranks of the tea elite, so they were all for it. Athena and I got some peach pineapple slushies. As we were waiting for our drinks, I mentioned that I was interested in the shop next door (it seems to be a place that sells tailor-made costumes, mostly Disney princesses), and asked if anybody else had seen through its window as we passed it. That inspired Gaston to start singing, "How much is that doggie in the window?" After he sang, "The one with the waggily tail," he and I both barked, as one does, and then we heard another bark. I thought it was the guy behind the counter, but the next thing we knew, there was a teeny tiny little real-life dog right there in the shop with us!

You guys. We summoned a puppy. And it was the cutest little thing! It was white dog resembling a Maltese, and it had a little pink hoodie with lace trim. I wanted to take a picture, but I thought it would be rude without getting permission. In retrospect, the owners of the shop that has its own Instagram wall probably wouldn't have minded...and I could have also asked. But I didn't, and now here we are. (In my defense, the people working at the shop made no sign of acknowledging the existence of any kind of puppy, which somehow made it feel more awkward to ask.) And then the dog disappeared like it had all been some kind of dream...

And then we checked out the costume shop next door. Some of the costumes were really really nice. And they sell diamond painting kits! We just looked around for a little bit, and then we went home. And we played Pokemon Snap for the rest of the day, except when the children called and wanted to play Splatoon and Minecraft.

And that's how our birthday went! It was really very nice. And on Sunday, our friend at church gave us Animal Crossing socks! She's so sweet. She told us about how she was in the hospital giving birth on her birthday, but she still insisted on checking her Animal Crossing island. Aah, the things we do for video games.

Today I'm thankful for the magical puppy we summoned, the delicious smoothies we had, all the wonderful friends who helped us celebrate our birthday, finally having a day to just play as much Pokemon Snap as we wanted, and also getting to take home some French pastries from Maison.
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