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Unfortunately, Nintendo did not let us have New Pokemon Snap today just because it's April 30th in Japan. It's only sort of a bummer because we have breakfast and lunch plans with Gaston and Alice tomorrow, which means we'd have to get up pretty darn early if we want to play it for more than a few minutes before they get here.

In happier video game news, Animal Crossing started their May Day event today, so we got to go on the May Day Tour, and that was super neat. We only had to ask Rescue Services to help us once! And when we got back, we set up our basement for our birthday party! All the prom stuff was available from Nook Shopping this month, so we were like, "Perfect for a party!"

The majority of the rest of our time was taken up playing video games with the kids. It was pretty funny how relentless it was, especially when we heard Grawp's mom tell him he had ten minutes, and he didn't reply, so she said, "Say, 'Yes, Momma,'" and he said, "Yes, Momma," and I asked him what he said yes momma to (because I didn't hear it) and his response was silence, which I took to mean, "Iunno." Athena heard the whole thing, though, so we were pretty sure it was almost time for us to take a break and get a snack. But then Grawp's mom came in and said, "Scoot over so we can snuggle." And we were both like, "I guess his turn isn't over after all XD."

We did eventually get a snack, and right as we were finishing it, Hermie called. Right after her turn, Hagger took the phone and it was his turn. He was having a hard time catching a break, so in a Turf War, Athena decided to forsake her team and just go to splat people, because she's not the best at splatting (but is pretty darn good at inking turf) and figured it would maybe give Hagger's team an edge (for some reason the game seems to hate putting Athena and the kids on the same team). So she raced off to the other team's base...and her entire team followed her. It was perfect! because if they weren't inking turf, they wouldn't be able to blame Athena for not inking turf, but it would make the other team more like to win if they had people who were good splatters and inkers.

But then Athena got splatted and decided she wanted to go back to what she enjoys, which is inking turf. She checked the map to make sure Hagger's team was ahead first...but she overdid it. And apparently the rest of her team was really good at splatting. So Athena's team won anyway.

After Hagger's turn got interrupted for dinner (poor kid always waits patiently while his siblings take longer than their allotted time and then he has to stop for silly things like food), he called back and asked to play a different game. Poor kid. ...We ended up going back to Splatoon anyway, because Athena hasn't unlocked enough levels in Super Kirby Clash for it to be any fun.

Meanwhile, we had a church teaching training broadcast to watch, so we turned that on while Hagger finished up his turn...and then Grawp called again. And the internet started acting up. It was a chaotic night. But it was fun, I think. And then we wound down with some more birthday Miraculous episodes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with the kids, having time to do a little more tidying before they started calling, getting to watch more Miraculous, getting to hang out with Gaston and Alice tomorrow, and hopefully getting to play New Pokemon Snap soon.
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