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The big news is that Netflix finally officially announced that yes, the rumors are true, they do have the rights to Sailor Moon Eternal, and more importantly, it will be available to watch on June 3rd. I'm a little excited, but also a little bummed, because we were hoping Netflix would follow their pattern of adding new anime three months after its Japanese release. And their pattern of releasing it the same day they announce it. (Not sure if that last one's a pattern or just a thing that's happened once or twice--I'm looking at you Seven Deadly Sins movie.)

The news that's mostly only relevant to us is that Gaston called to solidify our birthday plans. We still haven't heard from the Zag Store, so that's probably not going to happen (although we can't rule it out entirely--Gaston and Alice aren't entirely opposed to spontaneous changes in plans, and there's still a few days to hear from them). We all decided we'd rather not spend the money to get into California Adventure...although, to be honest, the Carthay Circle's current menu seems like they might have specifically been thinking of us when they designed it. There's a pasta dish that's not super fancy--just tomatoes, basil, and cheese (if it's actual tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, I'm sure we can get an alteration)--and a double chocolate sundae on the dessert list. And we know at least one of the servers knows to expect us around early May...

Still, we are not made of money. So currently the plan is for Gaston and Alice to try to get down here in time for breakfast at the Original Pancake House, and find some other nice place to have lunch. We may have said something to indicate that we wanted lots of video game time, and Gaston was like, "Am I sensing that you don't want us to come on Friday?" Eh heh heh... It was more like, because plans hadn't been made yet, we had started getting used to the idea of entertaining ourselves. And I'm really looking forward to Pokemon Snap.

But! I'm sure we won't need to play it all day on Friday. ...If we don't get enough time, we'll just take Monday off. (Maybe not the best idea, considering our next two deadlines are for two of our most time consuming series, but that's why we made sure to get a head start on In/Spectre.)

Today I'm thankful for knowing when to expect Sailor Moon Eternal, friends who like us enough to come out of their way to see us on our birthday, getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous today, having a slightly tidier apartment, and catching a golden trout in Animal Crossing.
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