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Birthday week

This week, we're taking it easy to prepare for our big birthday bash! ...We don't have the plans 100% worked out for it, though, so we're not entirely sure what that will entail. It will either involve going to the Zag Store, or spending inordinate amounts of time playing Pokemon Snap. Either way, I'm sure it will be glorious. We're also going to watch birthday episodes of Miraculous all week (starting tomorrow)! There's a surprising number of episodes where it's somebody's birthday.

For today, the first order of business...was to do our weekly simulpub! It was a battle chapter this week, though, and we got it done in like 40 minutes. It was awesome.

And then! we finally got to read the latest chapter of the Miraculous manga, featuring Evillustrator! We'd seen tweets that said that the chapter was way different from the show, and it was. But I would also say it was pretty close to exactly the same, except for adding a lot of stuff about Adrien.

So, for example, the scene that leads to Nathaniel's akumatization is just like in the show, only when Chloe starts taunting him, she makes some dismissive comment about comic books and then goes, "Right, Adrien?" Adrien had had a dream about his mom that morning, so he was too busy angsting to pay attention, so he's like, "Whatever, who even cares?" And so now Evillustrator wants revenge on not just Chloe, but Adrien as well. And in the whole history of the show, Adrien (or rather, Chat Noir) was only the direct cause of one akumatization, so maybe they just wanted to raise the count a bit.

Or, more likely, they wanted to bring in the stuff about his mom a lot sooner, because dang it would take a long time to get any plot development if they made a manga version of every one of the TV episodes in two parts that came out monthly. The sad thing about this is it means we won't likely get a manga version of Copycat. But Adrien was super cute in this chapter of the manga, and Plagg had the most adorable nightcap!

They easily resolved Evillustrator's grudge with Adrien, but now I'm curious to see if Marinette is still going to go on the date with him... She probably will, because they still brought up his crush. It's just a little disorienting. But I'm sure it will all work out.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read more Miraculous manga, the manga having extra Adrien, having a super awesome chapter of our weekly simulpub this week (and that's not just because it was easy to translate (although that is a big factor)), getting to make progress in The World Ends with You, and getting to watch the season two finale of Pair of Kings (and sadly, the last of King Brady, save for a clip show).
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