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Just before breakfast this morning, we got a phone call from Hagger, and it was the cutest thing ever, because his cousins were visiting and he was showing Chase how to play Splatoon. He very patiently explained everything to Chase, who may have also been patiently listening, as in, he wasn't necessarily super interested in Splatoon. Hagger told Chase he was going to let him do a level and fight Octo DJ (not sure I'm remembering that right; we haven't gotten to that one yet), and Chase was all, "I don't want to fight him. You get him dead all by yourself." At one point, he declared that Bowser is the strongest, and that was the last we heard from him, so we think he wandered off after determining that Bowser was nowhere to be seen in this game.

Then we did a salmon run, and after that we had to stop playing because the other kids were fighting over the other Switches, resulting in a blanket Switch ban across the house. We figured this would give us time to go to the grocery store, but we hadn't had breakfast yet, so we did that, checked Facebook, started the rounds in Animal Crossing...and the phone rang. Apparently the Switch ban only lasted an hour, and now Hagger could finish out his turn. We did some more salmon runs and we were doing really great until his mom came along and told him she forgot to set the timer and he'd been playing too long. The sweet little boy obediently turned the Switch off right away...leaving us and the other two crew members to get killed by boss salmonids. Sigh.

Then Grawp called and we played Minecraft. We determined that we needed some things that needed to be crafted with iron--Grawp wanted an anvil, which he got so impatient for that he switched to Creative Mode to just conjure one up, and we wanted a cauldron so we could dye the leather boots we fished out of a pond. So Athena went off in search of ore. She found a neat little mine and started mining. She mined some iron, and some coal, and then she found some more iron, and then she fell down down down into the depths of the earth. There was lava and water and it was kind of terrifying. And she only had the one pickaxe, which meant if it broke and we couldn't find a way out, she was stuck! She did find a diamond, though, so that was nice. And Grawp had given her a totem of undying, so when she fell into the deep lava, she didn't lose all her inventory.

Eventually the stress got to be too much, so we had Grawp teleport her back to the surface. And then we just puttered around until Grawp's time was up, and then we finally went to the grocery store. We bought ourselves a 7-Up cake and a balloon for our birthday!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play video games with the kids, unlocking league battles in Splatoon, surviving the Minecraft mine, the super cute sea creatures balloon we got for our birthday, and having a cake to look forward to.
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