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Nintendo finally charged our account for New Pokemon Snap today, and the game has been downloaded onto our Switch! They won't let us play it yet, though, so now it's going to taunt us for a week. (Of course we're going to see if we can play it on the Japanese release date--maybe it activates simultaneously worldwide? I don't remember how it worked with Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.)

I suspect the same thing may have happened with the kids' Switch, because when Grawp called today he was playing Pokemon instead of Minecraft. It was perfect, because we'd heard about World Penguin Day and the Eiscue event, and we wanted to see if we could catch a shiny Eiscue. So after trading a Growlithe to Grawp and talking about doing Max Raid Battles but not actually doing any, we decided to play Splatoon. And that went on for about ten minutes before we ultimately landed back on Minecraft. This time it was mostly fishing.

He got booted off the Switch much more quickly this time, so we went off to play Pokemon and immediately found a shiny Eiscue! ...but it got away. So far, there have not been any others.

And finally we decided to watch a movie on Netflix. A Week Away, a musical about kids at summer camp. We did not realize at the time we started it that they were specifically going to Christian camp, and it was nice to see a movie that treated Christians like normal people instead of a bunch of "Jesus freaks" (although that term was used once). The story was not always coherent, and sometimes they'd start singing and we'd be like, "...How did that conversation lead to this song?" but the movie had a lot of heart and it was cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with Grawp, making decent progress on work (In/Spectre continues to be itself), being a week away from New Pokemon Snap, ranking up in Tower Control, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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