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Bonding time

We finished work early today, and you know what that means! More time to play Minecraft!

Seriously, I don't know how they do it, but the children seem to always know when it's okay to call early...or when they need to call late, so that's good. But they somehow always manage to take up juuuuust about all our free time. And I really don't feel the need to complain about it most of the time, but we were playing Minecraft for over two and a half hours, which, I feel, is a little excessive. We were pretty productive in those two and a half hours, though. Milked some cows, collected some eggs, made a cake. Ate the cake. Wanted real cake. Had real cookies instead (not until after Minecraft, though; we were pretty hungry by then).

Athena found some cactus, so now the only colors of dye we're missing are black, gray, and brown. That's when we decided to go fishing, but then we got distracted by getting attacked and an attempt to make a grindstone, which turned out to be way less helpful than we'd hoped. In real life, you do not repair a blunt pickaxe by melding it with another blunt pickaxe. The science in this game sometimes makes less than zero sense.

Eventually someone realized that Grawp had been on the Switch for way past his time limit, and he got kicked off. So we had a snack and then turned our Switch back on so as to play Splatoon with Hagger. He got kicked off after only one salmon run yesterday, so we wanted to make sure we got to play together today. Then he got kicked off (today) for dinnertime, so we took the opportunity to have dinner ourselves, and then Hermie called and we played Splatoon with her. In all, we think we were playing with the kids for about five hours. Not a terrible way to spend a day, all things considered.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work before the onslaught, having a lovely new stained glass window in our Minecraft house, discovering that Grizzco did indeed still have the bonuses we forgot to claim from past salmon runs, having some time to watch TV before going to bed, and having more cookies to eat very soon.
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