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Today's Minecraft adventures featured the return of animal husbandry. This time we're doing sheep. While Grawp is off doing whatever it is he does in Minecraft, Athena tends to just wander, and since she finds sheep wandering around, too, she shears them. Then she has a bunch of wool, so she decided she might as well do something with it, plus she accidentally made a loom (she doesn't even know how she had wood in her inventory, and yet here we are), so she made a banner and put it up on the house Grawp had built for them.

He asked where the banner came from, Athena told him she made it, so he asked if she could make one with a red X on it. Of course that was possible, but she hadn't come across anything with which to make red dye, and that's why today actually started with growing beetroots. So she got a bunch of red dye and made the banner, and then she was like, "I'm gonna dye a sheep, so when you see the red sheep, don't kill it, okay?" (Usually when Grawp came across a sheep, he would kill it for the meat.) He had different ideas.

Long story short, now we have a flock of red and blue sheep.

Today I'm thankful for the concept of wool, meeting our work quota, getting to practice Moonlight Densetsu a little, having all the zodiac DIY recipes in Animal Crossing, and Dai Gyakuten Saiban coming to Nintendo Switch.
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