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Same ol'

Life continues to be same ol' same ol' around here. Work and video games. We tried to get back to The World Ends With You, but it had been so long since the last time we played it that the learning curve was pretty high (the Switch version is kind of hard, too; we were never great with the motion-sensor controllers), so we made very little progress. I think we might have just gotten the hang of it again when it was time to turn it off, so now we're ready for next time!

We also went to Target, but there's not much to talk about there, either. Just some strawberry ice cream flavored Hershey Kisses that we'll be trying later.

Today I'm thankful for having some new chocolate to try, finishing our work quota, having a good time pursuing the textile arts in Minecraft, getting to do some salmon runs in Splatoon, and sort of getting back to The World Ends With You.
Tags: life, the world ends with you

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