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From Sacha to Macha

I may or may not have mentioned several weeks or months ago that in our quest for more material featuring our favorite French voice actor, we discovered an audiobook of something called From Sacha to Macha (only in French, because it's a French book, of course). Because it's a French book, it wasn't going to do us much good to just listen to it, because even Athena is not good enough with French to listen to an entire book and know what's going on without any other clues, like visuals or something, to clue us in to the context.

But Athena did know enough French to understand the synopsis, and it sounded interesting. And the sample had Sacha sounding so emo and annoying that we were quite intrigued to hear more of this type of character from the guy who plays Chat Noir. (I mean, Chat Noir can be annoying, but in a totally different direction.)

So! we bought the eBook of it, and Athena spent her free moments translating it into English. Then we bought the audiobook, with the intent to listen to it and read along--her with the French eBook and me with the English translation. Fortunately, French is similar enough to English that it was usually pretty easy to figure out which sentence was being read...which is to say that today was the day we carried out that plan.

Basically it's about this boy named Sacha who starts sending emails out into the universe at random, hoping someone will respond. After a few false starts, a girl named Macha responds and they start a correspondence. And she's this bubbly talkative girl while he's super emo boy, so they don't exactly get along at first, but they keep emailing each other anyway...I guess because Sacha's bored and Macha just can't help it. She's also like, "Our names are only one letter different! It must be fate!"

Then it comes out that the reason he was sending out random emails is that he was looking for his mother, because he hates his life and everything about it, and blames it on the fact that he doesn't know his mom. And oh my goodness, he is just so...aaaarrrgh. I'm glad Macha agrees with us. But like, he's just so determined to hate everything, and she takes him to task for it, and I appreciate that. He talks about how awful his father is, but his father doesn't do anything bad--Sacha's just an emo punk who doesn't know how to appreciate things.

I actually enjoyed Sacha as a character, just to be clear. Most of the time he would whine, and I would be like, "Oh, child..." And fortunately the stupidest thing he did was take an ill-advised trip to Russia--the only person he physically hurt by doing that was himself. And we got to see emails from his dad (played by the same actor) and they were very sweet.

...And I think that's about all I have as far as coherent summary of the plot. It was an engaging story, and the readers both did a very good job. There was some stuff that made me go, "Wait, that doesn't make sense!" like how both of the characters had email addresses that were just their first name, and Sacha didn't have a color monitor. I was like, "How is that even possible?" Well, the story was written 20 years ago, that's how. Anyway, it was fun, and cute, and we liked it a lot!

The rest of our day was dedicated to church (we got to sing again! (with masks)), scripture study, and video games with the kiddos. There was a good amount of Splatoon, and then Minecraft, where we were suffering from an iron shortage. Athena managed to find a bunch while Grawp was off eating ice cream, but she didn't have a pickaxe, and then the monsters killed her. So she made a pickaxe and started back for the iron deposit...and monsters killed her again. And again. By the time she was ready to actually make it back there, Grawp was back from eating ice cream, and he found a deposit that he wanted her to mine from. Of course it was much more dangerous and had a lot less iron. When we got all the easily accessible ore, he had died of starvation and lost his enchanted diamond sword, so now it was time to leave this world behind and start a new one. ...But it was also bed time, so that will be a story for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to do the music in church today, having a really nice Sunday school lesson, getting to listen to From Sacha to Macha, getting to play video games with the kids, and the yummy Reese's Big Cup with Pretzels we each had for a snack.
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