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We've recently had a lot of plans on Saturdays that required us to not sleep in, which was bad, because Saturday is our one day to sleep in, and we stay up too late during the week so we are not well rested. We thought we'd get to sleep in tomorrow, but then they asked me to play the organ at a funeral tomorrow morning. So, since we're reasonably ahead of schedule, we decided to take the day off and sleep in today! It was nice, except there was some unfortunately early yardwork that woke us up a little. Nevertheless, we didn't have to actually get out of bed, so it was fine anyway.

We meant to take the time off to do a little organizing, but instead we did a whole lot of socializing! (Via technology, of course.) Hermie managed to steal Grawp's phone again, so we got to play some Splatoon with her. Athena mostly went easy on her, but then she saw that Hermie was doing a pretty good job and thought, "I don't need to make it so easy for her"...and then proceeded to destroy the girl in a game of Rainmaker. It was cute, though, because Athena had been losing every battle before that, so Hermie was like, "Good job, Athena!" in a tone of voice that almost sounded like, "I'm so happy for you that you finally got a win!" Awwww.

We also had a meeting with the missionaries, which was fun, because it was a new set, so they asked us about what we do, and we spent at least fifty-five minutes going on and on about the finer points of translating manga. It's just so hard to stop when you have a good audience! Then it came out that one of them didn't like Frozen, and we were like, "Oh, good! We can rant about it without hurting your feelings!" and proceeded to rant about it. You know, Terry Pratchett says hate is just love with its back turned...I wouldn't say that's how we feel about Frozen particularly, but it is how we feel about Disney in general these days, so we ended up ranting about how the Disney movies aren't good anymore. Of course we talked about the gospel, too. This time the theme was temples! So we can get hyped to go back to them when they open up again.

There was also Minecraft with Grawp, of course. He dug a lovely stairway all the way down to the level where you can mine diamonds, and he recently built a path to it that's all magma rocks. The thing about magma rocks is they damage you if you walk across them like normal, and he decided to raise the difficult level so that actually makes a difference. He surrounded the path with torches so that once you're on it, you can only get off at one end or the other (well, you could probably jump over the torches, but still). He told Athena, "If you don't want to get damaged when walking over them, you can crouch." And she said, "Or I can go around them." The path to the mine entrance only goes to one corner of the stairs, from a diagonal, so it's really quite easy to walk across the lawn and get to the other side of the stairs. Grawp's response to Athena was, "What?" So she repeated, "I can...go...around them?" No response.

Soon thereafter, the entire entrance to the mine was surrounded by magma rocks.

Finally, we had a lovely conversation with our sister about life and TV shows and stuff. I feel like we didn't get much done by way of "productivity," but we got an important recharge in relationship batteries, so I'm going to call it a win.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to people, specifically getting to talk about the things we're passionate about, living in a world where people don't make the entrances to important facilities out of magma rocks, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, and the Christmas episode of Pair of Kings.
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