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Saved from our recklessness

We knew that we were going to want to get to Disneyland's website before the 8:00 ticket sale start time, so we dragged ourselves out of bed a little bit sooner than usual and I made it at almost 7:20. That's when I discovered there was already a virtual waiting room to buy tickets, and when it started to look like the odds of us getting to go to Disneyland's reopening on our birthday were not very high. A few minutes after eight, the screen changed to let us know that the wait is almost over! and give us an estimate of how long we'd be waiting in their virtual line before we could buy tickets--more than an hour. We took that as their way of saying, "Go, live your life!"

So we left the window open and went about our day. About two or three hours in, it became apparent that they were having technical difficulties, and they had to recalculate our wait time. This was probably the most difficult part of the wait, because we wanted to go eat lunch, which, unlike our job, is not something we do with a computer screen shoved in front of our faces. But we didn't want them to finish recalculating and tell us we only had two minutes to wait while we were off refueling, as unlikely as that scenario may have been.

Well, the conclusion to the rather dull story is that when the wait time finally got down to under an hour, Athena checked reservation availability for Disneyland on the 30th, and there was none, as in, the park had reached legal capacity. As our wait time continued to go down, we considered how much we wanted to at least go to California Adventure and ultimately decided we didn't want it enough to buy a couple of the most expensive tickets (they're doing tiered tickets now; only the highest tier can get into either park for the first two weeks). So we got out of line, and that was that. And now we can continue our life of quarantine without being so reckless as to go out to crowded places.

We're still hoping to go to the Zag Store for our birthday--we want to do something special! So tomorrow we'll start looking into that. We're not quite sure what's going on with Gaston and Alice anymore, though, so we're a little bit nervous. At the very least, Pokemon Snap comes out that day, so no matter what happens, we should have something extra fun to do. But we haven't given up yet!

Today I'm thankful for having one aspect of our potential birthday plans definitely decided, finishing all our work today, finishing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (the main story; when did every video game start having Story Mode Part 2?), having more money by not buying Disneyland tickets, and getting to take the day off and sleep in tomorrow.
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