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The video gaming started earlier than expected today when we got a phone call not too long after lunch. I was surprised because I figured the nephews would be in school (they're back to in-person learning), but Athena rightly guessed it was their little sister. We all started up Splatoon and then her mother came along and addressed her by her first and middle name, asking, "Did you call your aunts?" ...Well, that explains why she seemed to be excusing herself or explaining something as soon as Athena answered the phone. (We couldn't quite make out what she said; she's not always the most articulate.)

So apparently she'd snuck off to call us unbeknownst to her mother, but unbeknownst to her, it was almost time for them to go pick up her brothers. So we got to play one battle together and then Athena immediately logged out to make sure nobody got in trouble (we're not sure about Hermie, but Grawp is notorious for vocally acknowledging when his parents tell him to stop and then proceeding as if nothing had been said), and off Hermie went. She cheerfully told us she would call us when she got back.

But we never heard from her, so we figure they had a family outing of some sort. And that meant we had time to practice Moonlight Densetsu! It's kind of a tricky song (or maybe just a tricky arrangement), so right now we're practicing our parts separately, so we can be familiar enough to at least try to be in sync when we practice together. We'll see how it goes!

And we finally got back to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. And took way too long completing the marathon mission. I feel like we're extremely close to the end of the game, but we wanted to watch Pair of Kings and open our newest Wizarding World crates, so we're saving it for later. The Wizarding World crates were really cool, too! The theme this time was Dumbledore's Army, so they came with a beanbag toss game (Athena was like, "This will be so helpful for Singing Time!" ...You know, when Singing Time is a thing again) and a thousand-piece puzzle!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with Hermie, having time to practice music, sort of finishing our work quota, making progress in Mario & Sonic, and having cool new toys to exercise our physical and mental skills.
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