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Today the children kept telling us they'd call back, so we'd hold off on playing Animal Crossing or Pokemon because that way we could get to whatever game they wanted more quickly. But then they forgot to call back, so we had a surprising amount of time to do things that did not involve the Switch. And that means we watched anime! Tadah!

We had given up on anime for a little while because the Crunchyroll app was being incredibly unhelpful--as in, it would freeze up every minute, making it virtually impossible to enjoy an episode. But we'd heard they were beta-ing a new app or website or something, and the new Fruits Basket season started up, so we tried it! And so far it's working! We've managed to watch four whole anime episodes! (But it did get grumpy when we tried to keep pausing and unpausing so we could read the voice cast.)

The other anime we watched was Farewell, My Dear Cramer! We translated the manga of that one! I think the anime is a pretty good adaptation, but in all honesty I'm not sure I've been able to pay much attention. Same with Fruits Basket. We watched the first episode of the new season, and like an hour later, I was like, "So I think they just talked about stuff?" and that was all I remembered.

So yeah. We're watching anime. I can't tell if we're enjoying it or not. We did decide to give up on The Irregulars. We started episode four, and then I guess the dude was cutting a guy's face off, and at that point I was like, "No, that's enough edginess for me." It's a shame, too, because we really liked Leopold. Oh well.

Oh! And they power-washed our patio today! They warned us ahead of time that water might come in under the door and told us to put a towel there, so we were prepared for that. What we were not prepared for is the water that came in over the door, and around the door, and through the door's window. We were also not prepared for how far it flew. Dang, they are not kidding when they call it a power wash. It was pretty funny. We're pretty sure nothing got destroyed, though!

Today I'm thankful for being caught up on anime (until we start watching The World Ends With You), finishing all our work today, having a shiny clean patio for the moment, blasts from the past in talking about crafting projects, and stork scissors.
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