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We spent most of today being antsy because the producer of Miraculous posted about the manga on his Instagram again. It makes us impatient, and afraid things are going on that we'll never know about until they announce an English version that we had nothing to do with. So while Athena spent however many hours playing video games with the children, I worked on a draft for a message to send him. I think I have something ready to go, but we're nervous and cautious, so we're not quite ready to send it yet. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, one of the managers of our apartment came over to say she's very sorry but there have been complaints about noise in the area--"I don't think it's you!!!"--and she noticed that Athena had been scrubbing the patio (the scrub brush was still out). Our patio has been...ravaged by stray felines. So she offered to get maintenance to power wash it for us! And repaint it! Woohoo! Our rent is being used for stuff! Now it should be nice and clean when the next set of Miraculous boxes get delivered. We just got the email today, and they'll be shipping them out right in time for our birthday!

The other thing that has us antsy (that we almost entirely forgot about because of the first thing) is that reservations opened up for Disneyland today, and even though we checked several hours after they opened, and the park will be operating at severely reduced capacity, no dates have been filled up yet (pretty strong evidence that it really was annual passholders clogging everything up). That means there will probably be a big rush once ticket sales open up again on Thursday, and while I still think it would be really cool to go on our birthday, the idea of getting in cyber-line kind of stresses me out. Well, we'll just see how it goes.

Today I'm thankful for the wonders of modern communication technology, getting to have our patio power washed, having a good time playing video games with the kids, getting to work on Those Not-So-Sweet Boys, and the super cute papercraft kitty that's now on our desk.
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