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As if it weren't easy enough for Saturdays to run away from us, today it got away even quicker! It started out well enough--we had a women's conference for church via Zoom, which was very nice and uplifting. It even finished early enough that we didn't feel like we were getting to the rest of our day much later than usual, so we went ahead and got started on the fishing tournament in Animal Crossing. We were responsible and turned it off after only a few rounds so we could go to the grocery store, where we got some chocolate eggs stuffed with Reese's Pieces on clearance.

And then it all ran away. When we got home, Athena found that she had four missed calls from Grawp. She called him back, and the video gaming commenced! This time with Minecraft. He didn't have much time left on his turn, though, so it wasn't long before he hung up and we were finally able to get to the short little job one of our publishers foisted on us at the end of the day yesterday (due Monday). But despite its shortness, we didn't get to make any progress on it, because what we didn't realize is that when Grawp's turn ended, Hagger's turn began! Why didn't we realize this and just wait for the call back, or even say, "Whoa, don't hang up!" ...Just because, I guess.

So then we got to play Splatoon for a while, and it was nice because we found a couple of scrolls we hadn't found yet and got to try out some new weapons that turned out to work quite nicely. (We don't always play "with" each other when we're on Splatoon. Sometimes the kids like to do an Octo Canyon challenge, where both parties go to Octo Canyon to complete an arbitrary mission and see who finishes first.)

Then Hagger's turn ended and we got back to doing our own stuff, and a few minutes later Grawp called again, having earned more Switch time. I guess this means he's getting a lot of reading done! Athena spent a lot of time today shearing sheep, so that was pretty fun.

Anyway. We had a good time playing with the kids, but it was a little hard, because there was a fishing tournament in Animal Crossing, and we were kind of eager to get to it. I mean, we have pretty much all the fishing tournament prizes at this point (unless they added new ones now that the game's been out for over a year), but we also thought it would be a good opportunity to be out and about shooting balloons, because the internet tells me today was the last day of cherry blossom season, and we were hoping to get more recipes. We did eventually get the cherry tree wallpaper, for which we are grateful.

We also decided to give up on the Pokemon tournament, instead of fighting the fifteen battles we were allotted today, so that gave us another two hours. And we were losing anyway, so we didn't need that kind of grief.

Today I'm thankful for the women's conference being very nice, making it to and from the grocery store before all the video gaming really got into full swing, getting to shear sheep in Minecraft, getting some good new weapons in Splatoon, and getting one last sakura recipe in Animal Crossing.
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