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Disneyland's rebirthday

Today our afternoon was swallowed up by waiting on hold with Disneyland's Annual Passholder helpline. You guys, we were going to be so blase about Disneyland opening up again. They "sunsetted" the annual passport program (and verbed a previously unverbed noun to do it!), and there are so many people who are already so obsessed with it, and we've been caring less and less about what Disneyland is doing, and we were just going to be over it (but probably still go occasionally, because, I mean, it's right there).

But then they announced the reopening and you guys. It's going to reopen on our birthday, of all days! So now, even though we know approximately a trillion people are going to be trying to get in on that day...well, maybe fewer, what with the pandemic and all...we feel like it would just be so cool to be at Disneyland on our birthday and its rebirthday with them only allowing 15% capacity. (Of course we will wear masks and follow all the safety protocols!)

And that's why, even though we knew everybody and their dog would be calling the Annual Passholder helpline (which is still a thing, despite the passes being sunsetted) today, the day that they announced when tickets would go on sale and reservations would start being taken, we called to see if we could get more information. I was on hold for more than two hours, but that's okay, because we had a (surprisingly short) Disney playlist to listen to while we were on hold, and we used it as background music while we did our real job. Aaaaand...we didn't get any more information than what's already been announced.

Oh well. We'll just keep trying, and que sera sera. Whether or not we get in, Gaston and Alice have already agreed to take us to the Zag Store for our once we get our Disneyland situation figured out, we'll see if that store will actually be open on the day we want to go.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Love and Heart, having slightly more information about the reopening of Disneyland, having some Reese's Big Cups with pretzel bits to look forward to eating very soon, the nice lady who answered our call, and Grawp giving us just enough time between phone calls to eat some dinner.
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