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Animal control

Today we had our first experience calling animal control to pick up an animal! Woo!

One of the regular strays (I guess technically her correct label is TNR) injured her leg a couple days ago, and she'd been hanging out in our patio ever since. A couple of years ago, her son injured his leg, but it healed up and he was fine in a few days, so we figured she just needed to get her rest and it would heal on its own. But she didn't really seem to be getting better, and she was soiling herself, so we decided it was time to call OC Animal Care.

We've called them about collecting animals in the past (back when we were really struggling with our management telling us to quit feeding the cats), and they said they couldn't really send anybody, but I guess when the animal is injured, it's a different story. This was really good news, because our cat carrier is in our garage, and our garage is locked with a "the opener never works" spell.

So we called, they sent somebody over, that somebody used a "cat grabber" to grab the cat and slide her into the carrier, and that was that! We're a little worried that now that they've taken her in, they might end up putting her down, but I think if they decide to take that course of action, it means she would have died either way. It was a little bit of extra stress for the beginning of our day, but it was surprisingly uneventful.

On the other hand, the woman who picked up the cat told us she would have been here sooner, except that she had to stop on the way to pick up a husky that was bleeding everywhere. I think she said something about how no one should have that much blood... So I guess her day was really exciting. I hope she and the husky and the cat are all okay.

Today I'm thankful for people who are trained to take care of animals, finishing our work today despite having other things to take care of and a simulpub to translate, getting to play Splatoon with the kids, managing to extract ourselves from Splatoon to have dinner eventually, and our order of shortbread cookies and croissant chips being on its way.
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