Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter, everybody!! We celebrated by watching General Conference. The morning session today was amazing! They made it a point to have speakers from all around the world, so the only speaker from the United States was President Nelson. All the talks were really good. Sister Aburto (from Nicaragua) talked about the Resurrection in the context of losing loved ones, and it wasn't until then that it occurred to me how important the Easter message is during these unprecedented times. And they had international choirs sing hymns in their native languages, too! It was so cool! You can watch all the sessions here; the one I'm talking about is Sunday morning.

Today I'm thankful for Jesus Christ's Atonement and Resurrection, getting to watch two more amazing sessions of General Conference, getting to hear from people all around the world, also getting to watch a neat Little Prince movie, and getting to read more in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Tags: church, easter!

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