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Love and Heart

It has come to our attention that volume one of Love and Heart is out! We translated that one...I think I mentioned that before. But now it's out, so we can talk about it!

The thing about Love and Heart is we saw it billed somewhere as a thriller, and it definitely has some suspense elements in it...most of which center around the character who appears to be the male lead. It's still unclear if he's a protagonist or an antagonist. But the one thing that is clear is that he has an unhealthy obsession with the female lead, and that's what makes the series especially interesting to me personally.

The thing is, sometimes in shoujo manga, things happen that seem really romantic, but when you look at them from another angle, they can come across as really creepy. (In fact, there's an episode of Miraculous where Marinette is talking about Adrien to her friends, and Alix is like, "Whoa, that's creepy," while Rose is like, "Oh, it's so romantic!") So it's looking like the concept behind this manga was to take those tropes and portray them from the angle that makes them creepy. I think it's kind of brilliant.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done quickly, getting to raise Athena's rank in Splat Zones, catching a lot of seasonal recipes in Animal Crossing, having another lovely visit with the missionaries, and getting to spend plenty of time playing video games with the nephews (and a little with a niece).
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