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We did it!

We did it! We finished our translation of Noragami and got it turned in on time, and we didn't have to work all day to do it! We even had time to play Animal Crossing and watch an episode of Pair of Kings. ...But we watched two episodes, and that's why we're up late.

I've been thinking about our week last week and what cute stories we could tell, but nothing really stands out anymore. Either I've already forgotten, or most of it was just little things, like how Sarah got a storytelling game for her kids to help with creative writing, and they all refused to play it until Athena and I managed to convince one of them...and I don't think we even made it through a whole round before both of the others came along and insisted on helping with the story. Ah, kids.

We also got together with Gaston and went to his friends' ice cream shop, where we tried super fancy flavors like lavender vanilla. Despite never caring for lavender, we had to try it, and it was pretty good...if you like lavender as a scent. Floral flavors usually taste pretty much like they smell. We also tried a vegan flavor! because it had almond butter, and we like almond butter pretty well. In fact, it tasted pretty much like cold almond butter with some chocolate. Not something I'd go to if I was craving ice cream, but pretty tasty anyway.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota for today, having time to play Animal Crossing, Grawp playing Animal Crossing with us (I was so sure he was over that game, but when he again asked Athena how she had so much cool stuff and she again told him that she spends way too much time playing this game, he said you can't spend too much time on Animal Crossing), being almost on track with work again, and getting to try some fancy ice cream flavors (not as free samples, but in a four-small-scoop sampler; the other two flavors we got were butter pecan (yummy but too many nuts) and honeycomb (also yummy)).
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