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We started the latest Noragami today and oh my goodness, you guuuyyyyyys...! I mean, I can't say anything, because it would be spoilers, but this volume! Aaaaaahhh!!! This series is so good.

Also the Spikemuth Cup tournament started in Pokemon. I feel like we're doing pretty good this time! Even if we are still losing at least 60% of the time. But we came reeeeeally close the vast majority of the rest of the time! There were only a few battles where we were like, "Yeah, no, there was no way."

And at the end of the night, just for the heck of it, we decided to watch the Weredad episode of Miraculous (this choice was inspired by the Cloudtop Cruise course in Mario Kart 8). Every time we watch this episode, and Chat Noir's like, "Marinette? What are you doing here?" we're like, "THIS IS HER HOUSE!!!" We give it a pass, though, because A)we love everything else that happens, and B) I like to think Marinette said what she said because deep, deep, deep, deep, deep in her heart, she knows it's true.

It wasn't completely nonsensical, either. Chat Noir comments on the fact that he'd seen her right after battles before (the only instance that comes to mind is Gigantitan, but it could have happened after battles that were not documented). But this time, Athena (who's been studying French) noticed that what he's saying before Marinette interrupts him is, "Am I dreaming, or are you...?" and that definitely seems like the type of lead-in that would incite panic about him potentially knowing her secret. Of course, it's possible that the subtitles say, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're..." which would probably cause a similar panic. We don't tend to remember the exact wording of the subtitles...

Today I'm thankful for the lovely Relief Society activity we had, the Relief Society activities committee bringing us cupcakes, getting to work on Noragami (♥♥♥), and not doing super terribly in the Spikemuth Cup.
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