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Make it stop, make it stop!

The problem with E! is that it sucks you in. It has all these little documentary things, and they're pretty interesting at first, but then you realize you don't follow American celebrities enough to really care about most of it, so you figure you should go do something else, but you can't because what if your favorite person ever is on and you miss it!? Or at least that's what happens if you're us. We just barely managed to pull ourselves away when they started talking about each of the actors in Fame, but then they started talking about Wil Wheaton, and we had to go see if they mentioned Aqualad, which of course they didn't.

Why didn't we turn it off when we pulled ourselves away, you ask? Because we knew they were going to talk to Wil Wheaton. And we're going to have to go back out there again, because the show we really want to watch is on next. Except that it's probably actually two or three shows, because that's how they work. Because they're eeeeeevil. Like over a year ago when Aurora had the things about Hollywood's best kept secrets on, and nobody could turn it off. And the secrets weren't even very well kept!

And it's going to be the fifty cutest child stars all grown up, and while we can't imagine that anyone could possibly have been more adorable than Haley Joel Osment, so he'd probably be the last one they talk to, it's possible that the producers are crazy and he shows up somewhere in the middle. So we have to watch until we see him, and they probably won't even mention Kingdom Hearts! Oy. It's times like this we wish we had two TVs, so we could go sidequesting while we wait. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for the joy of Ouran High School Host Club spreading, new Justice League today, getting the apartment cleaner, not having to watch E! every day, and little chocolate bunnies.

EDIT: In case anyone was curious, Haley Joel Osment was number 7. *pout*
He was beat out, in order, by the Olsen Twins, Alyssa Milano, the kid who played Eliot in ET, Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, and the Simpsons kids at number 1. I still think the only kid who may actually have been cuter was the Pepsi commercial girl, and she was like in the twenties somewhere.
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