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New from the Minecraft front

Today's news from the Minecraft front is that Grawp accidentally killed Cheval Noir. He was building a lava moat around Athena's super awesome house, and built it a little too close to the horse enclosure's fence. The fence burned down and I guess the horse succumbed to the lava. Or the fire. Either way, it was a sad ending for the horse.

He made it up to us, though, by breeding another black horse and outfitting it with the same equipment. We told him he didn't have to (if our Minecraft experience has taught us anything, it's that we should not get attached to the animals), but he was already done by the time we got the words out. The kid moves fast. We were going to name the new horse Cheval Noir II, but the nametag wasn't activating, so after some failed attempts we remembered the lesson we're supposed to have learned (don't get attached to the animals) and gave up on the endeavor.

Pierre the parrot is still alive and well.

We've also been playing Splatoon with Hagger, and let me tell you, Hermie saying, "Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!" is one of the cutest things ever. It makes me want to make her cosplay Pearl.

Today I'm thankful for Grawp being thoughtful about Cheval Noir, the children remembering Splatoon (it really is the funnest), getting plenty of work done today, having time to clear out some storage in Animal Crossing, and also managing to get two Pisces fragments before Pisces was up. Oh! And we got a shamrock wand recipe! It's so cute!
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