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New translation blog post!

The main thing worth reporting on today is that we finally posted the second half of our Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty translation walkthrough. Check it out!

We also saw the new Edens Zero trailer, and dang, that show is looking good! And it's also looking like Netflix is going to be the one distributing it outside of Japan, which is actually really good news for us. The way we've been doing things, and the way the other companies' apps have been working (as in, they don't, really), watching several episodes at once on Netflix is really a more feasible way to watch new anime. And we have so many other things to occupy our time that we don't mind waiting for the show to get out of Netflix jail. And! we'll get to check out the French dub!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting that walkthrough posted, having a lovely visit with the full-time missionaries, getting to see the new Edens Zero trailer, the idea of Edens Zero on Netflix, and finally winning that soccer game in Mario & Sonic at the Olympics.
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