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We maaaaaay have gotten a little carried away with Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. It's been a while since we've played games that required so much hand-eye coordination, so sometimes it took a while to clear a game and move on with the story. And we realized it was taking forever, and we were just about to stop and do the night patrol of our island, but at the end of the badminton chapter (which was another struggle...), they were all, "Jet's looking for Sonic!" and we were all, "!!!!"

Usually they don't tell us which new character we're going to meet in the next venue, but this time they did! And it was the one character we wanted to know about! Because we don't know enough French to just play the whole thing in French, so we wanted to change the language settings before talking to Jet so we could hear all his (like, four) spoken lines. The plan was to go to the venue, see who was there, then back out of story mode and change the language when we saw him, but we didn't have to do that, because they told us! So we changed the language before we went to the venue...but we backed out of it anyway, because we were like, "Wait, we should turn up the voice volume and turn down the everything else volume."

So finally we played soccer with Jet the Hawk in French, and it made us very happy. And now when we're done playing story mode, when we go back to this game, we'll probably play a lot of soccer as Jet.

Today I'm thankful for finally unlocking Jet the Hawk, the shamrock suit in Animal Crossing, Rodney surprising us by giving us his photo, making good progress on work today, and finishing the video games before bedtime (but then we stayed up to watch an episode of Pair of Kings...).
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