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Singing Time

Today we had a Primary activity via Zoom. This time, it took the form of a remote Singing Time, which meant Athena was in charge. She decided to teach the kids how to lead music. I think it went pretty well, but only about three or four kids showed up. Maybe three and a half? There was a family with three kids who were sharing a screen, but the youngest was only there part of the time, which is okay, because technically he's in the Nursery, not Primary.

I couldn't see anything because I had to face the piano, which was away from the computer screen, but it seemed like they were all having a good time. Athena and the counselor who was there said the two kids were pretty rowdy...but the point was to have fun, so it's all good. Apparently the other girl (she was all by herself, but so enthusiastic!) was sneaking food the whole time.

Anyway, I think we're all getting tired of doing everything over Zoom (and Athena and I don't even need it for work or anything!), but hopefully this was at least a little different from the usual screen-staring-ness.

Today I'm thankful for Singing Time going okay, being done with Singing Time for now, making lots of progress in Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, having our work schedule sorted out, and the beautiful weather we had while we were waiting for our ride to the church (the meeting was via Zoom, but we didn't want to use our unreliable internet connection if we were in charge, so we went to the church and used their connection).
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