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We finished the Triangle Strategy demo! It ended just when it was getting interesting, boo. I mean, that's how they get you, of course. But anyway, it seems like it could be a pretty neat little game (or big epic game?). We'll be keeping an eye out for it. I'm also curious about Octopath Traveler, but from the rumors, I think we'll want to play it in Japanese... And we have way too many other games to worry about importing right now.

For example! for Mario Day, Nintendo started a sale on games starring Mario, including Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (I know the exact title now), and since we finished the Triangle Strategy demo, we let ourselves buy it! Of course, the main reason we want it is so we can unlock Jet the Hawk and change the language to French so we can hear our favorite voice actor, but we're really enjoying story mode. It's silly, and I love it. But oh my goodness, there's so much talking! and each of the actual events is so short! I would say it would be very generous to estimate 5% game-playing from all the story mode we've gone through. It's really neat, though, because you get to wander around Tokyo and learn all kinds of trivia about the Olympics.

And! from the character bios, we learned for the first time in all our years of playing video games that Mario and Luigi aren't just brothers, they're twins! What! I mean, I'm pretty sure they're fraternal, but now we have that connection, you know? So that's neat.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota without any trouble, finishing the Triangle Strategy demo, getting to play Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, getting to learn new things every day, and getting to meet our new Animal Crossing neighbor Hazel (another immigrant from Gilderoy and Rosetta's island).
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