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Chocolate oatmeal cookies

Today we ventured into the realms of cooking. But only a little tiny bit. Our sisters had been talking about chocolate oatmeal cookies...which are variously known as no-bakes and preacher cookies and...I don't actually know. I only know that it seems like everybody has a different name for them, to the point that our sisters are no longer calling them what we knew them as as kids, which is chocolate oatmeal cookies. And they do indeed not require baking, so no-bakes is also an accurate name. But the point is, we recently went through a phase where I was like, "NEED MORE SUGAAAARRRRR!!!!" and I thought chocolate oatmeal cookies would be a good way to make that happen, because we watched Mom make them when we were kids, and it's mostly just stirring, so we're preeeeetty sure we can do it. (Still no guarantees.)

So this morning, we asked for the recipe before we did our weekly grocery shopping, and now we have the ingredients! Tadah!

And that concludes our foray into the world of cooking. For today. Ideally there will be a continuation of this adventure, because otherwise we would have carried home a heavy sack of sugar and cannister of oatmeal for nothing. The peanut butter will be eaten either way.

Today I'm thankful for having ingredients for chocolate oatmeal cookies, getting to watch the Pair of Kings official fan sequel, finding the thought-to-be-lost Baked Ruffles and now having secured some, getting to sleep later than we originally thought tomorrow (turns out Daylight Saving starts next week), and getting to hear K.K. Salsa.
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