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Here we go again...

Since I was on a Mamoru Miyano kick last night, I decided to google him and see what I could find. As it turns out, he's part of a performing unit (like a band only with acting instead of singing?) called SMILY☆SPIKY, which I found to be rather ironic, because Sora's the smiley one with spikey hair, but he's not the only one in the unit, so really it's probably not that ironic. But the important thing is that the unit has a website, and on that website, Miyano-kun has a blog.

We went through the blog to see if he said anything about Kingdom Hearts, and we weren't disappointed. There was one entry where he asked people to please buy the game that didn't have "Final Mix" written on it, because that's the English version and he's not in it. I'm not sure if he was being egotistical or if he was just saying to the fans that post on the BBS that if they want to hear him, Final Mix would be a waste of money. It was really cute, though, because he mentioned the American voice of Riku, indicating that he really didn't know about him, and then in the next entry he said he got some information about him and seemed surprised that David Gallagher is younger than he is.

Mostly, it was just fun to read his entries because he's very excited. He uses more exclamation points than I did before I started cutting back. And his entry about Ouran Koukou Host Club was so cute! Very much in character. We think he may have been type-cast, but he seems to disagree.

But right now I'm actually less obsessed with Miyano-kun and more stressed out. We knew Steve would call and invite us over for Easter dinner (well, we were kind of hoping Mom would call), but it's still stressful. We were so set on saying that Christmas was just so exciting we're not sure we can do it again, and turning the offer down. But this year, Mom's going to be in LA on Sunday (probably because of tax season ending and her being an accountant for a firm in LA), so it's just going to be Steve and Sarah. Obviously, that would be a reason we would want to stay even farther away, but we watch too many cartoons. We can't let Sarah be alone for Easter.

Also, with Mom gone, Steve won't have her for a shield, and I'm a little intrigued to see what kind of fireworks that might set off. But my masochism only goes so far, so we're still undecided. I told him we'd talk it over, which is only really annoying because it means I have to call him back (though Athena points out that if I give it long enough, he'll call us again). Our first order of business is to talk it over with Sarah. If she really wants us there, then we might think about going. If she doesn't care either way, then we'll be able to stay home and hopefully be able to honor the holiday properly. And in the meantime, my chest hurts. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for CreamSavers candies, being almost caught up with our anime again, pretty Mimsy, too cute Oreo, and hotel confirmation.
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