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I didn't get a chance to post last night, so I didn't get to tell you that we have probably at least sixteen horses in Minecraft now. I will admit we are partly to blame for that, because we saw some brown horses wandering around and we were like, "Ooh, brown horses!" ...I mean, I was excited about brown horses. Athena was just of the opinion that we needed more variety in the gene pool because Hermie was feeding all of them.

Also, Grawp made a slime pit, because I guess it's the Minecraft equivalent of a backyard trampoline.

We did not play Minecraft today. There is a feeling that it would be a good idea to play it when the kids aren't around, so we can go through the story (I assume there's a story, but what do I know?) which will (hopefully) explain how all the items and everything work. And it seems like a really good idea, but we've been so busy, and we want to play Mario Kart. And finish the demo of Project Triangle Strategy. And we recently discovered that Disney+YourSoul has Pair of Kings. And since we're paying for the service anyway (so we can watch Miraculous New York at any time), we figure we might as well use it.

Today I'm thankful for all the pretty horses, making good progress on work today, getting to watch Pair of Kings, pretty Pokemon fabric (we thought about buying more masks today, because we're starting to want cute ones; we found out the website with the cute Pokemon fabric will take 6-7 weeks to deliver, and we decided to forget about it, but the fabrics are so cute!), and having a tidier living room.
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